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Edmonton Eats: LGBTQ2S+ Restaurants in Edmonton

Written by Callum LaRoi | Edited By Sithara Naidoo

Edmonton Eats is a column that shares anything and everything related to #YEGeats. Warning: reading these posts may include side effects such as hunger, salivation and cravings.

In the current context of the pandemic, most people are staying indoors and trying to be as safe as possible while small businesses struggle to survive without frequent customers. Small, local businesses such as food services rely on customers coming through their doors daily, which is currently limited by COVID-19 restrictions. Lucky for businesses, and for customers, take-out food has never been so accessible! You may be wondering which small businesses to support during this time, and while there are many, CEYC would like to highlight two LGBTQ2S+ owned restaurants. Both businesses featured in this article offer a safe pick up option so that you can continue to support local during the pandemic.

Northern Chicken

A restaurant located in the Westmount area, Northern Chicken offers various types of excellent southern-style fried chicken as well as sandwiches, pies, craft beer, and other delicate delights. The restaurant is LGBTQ2S+ owned and a large majority of their staff identifies as LGBTQ2S+.

The two head chefs of this restaurant, Matt Phillips and Andrew Cowan are great friends who always enjoyed hanging out with each other while eating their favourite food. They were both interested in the culinary arts from a young age and worked in the restaurant business quite early in life. Now, here they are with some of the best food in Edmonton, showcasing their modern favourites for everyone else to try. Some of their dishes include: Classic Fried Chicken, Classic Chicken Fingers, Falafel Burger, many House Sauces and sandwiches.

Intent Coffee

A modern coffee shop at Southgate Center, Intent Coffee, while inclusive to all, strives to create a place where Queer people of all ages can go. They share on their website how, in comparison to gay bars, they want to create a space that is inclusive and accessible. The duo running the cafe, Reika and Mavi, explain the importance of a space like theirs for the Queer community. One point that resonated with me is the idea that gay bars tend to exclude people in the LGBTQ2S+ community who are not cis-gendered gay men.

The goal of this cafe is to bring the LGBTQ2S+ community together so people can have meaningful conversations and meet others that share aspects of their identity. Intent Coffee is an excellent example of a way to create community and a great local business to support. They offer a wide range of coffees, teas, pastries, chocolates, as well as merchandise items. With so many options available, who wouldn’t want to pay a visit?

Have you tried these restaurants yourself? Are there any other restaurants similar to these that would be interesting for us to showcase? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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