2019 - 2020 City of Edmonton Youth Council Member and Youth At large (YAL) Applications

Applications are open for City of Edmonton Youth Council. Read below for information, roles, timelines and expectations.


The Committee’s mandate is to provide information and advice to City Council in relation to issues involving or affecting youth, and will perform the following functions:

(a) research and write policy proposals for Council’s review;

(b) co-ordinate community events that profile local youth issues;

(c) receive direction from Council on work or reports it requires on youth matters;

(d) develop and maintain relationships with individuals and organizations addressing issues of concern to youth;

(e) promote initiatives to support the well-being of youth;

(f) educate youth on City governance, procedures and policy making;

(g) provide networking opportunities for youth;

(h) consult with City administration and other organizations supporting youth initiatives;

(i) establish the General Assembly, maintain the registry of individuals participating in the General Assembly, and oversee its meetings;

(j) if requested by Council, recommend individuals for appointment to the City’s civic agencies; and

(k) inform Council of initiatives of other levels of government that could affect youth and advocate for the City in the manner directed by Council if Council directs. 

Appointment Term

  • One-year term, (from September 1 to August 31) renewable to a maximum of six consecutive years, or to age 23. 

  • City of Edmonton Volunteer Management practices include an annual evaluation of board/committee members  [City Policy C575B]  to determine reappointment.

To Apply

When applications open in May, Applicants are required to complete the online Taleo application, and attach a current written letter of reference (reference should be from an individual that can comment on the relevant qualities, skills or knowledge you possess).

  • All volunteer positions are filled using an application process. Not all boards require a new member each year.

  • Preference is given to residents of Edmonton.

  • Short listed applicants will be asked to provide a brief biography and, if they are appointed as a Board Member, this information will be included in the City Council minutes as an introduction to City Council, the Board, and the citizens of Edmonton.

  • Applicants are required to complete the online Taleo application

  • A resume and written Letter of Reference is NOT required but the system requires that an attachment be uploaded (which can be accomplished by uploading a blank

  • Posting Expires  June 9, 2019 (the application deadline has been extended from June 2nd to June 9th)

Application Timeline

Community and Public Services Committee of Council serves as the Selection Committee for the City of Edmonton Youth Council.  It is anticipated that selection processes will take place on the following dates (TBD 2019).

  • Tuesday April 30: Applications Open

  • Sunday June 9: Applications Committee Member & Youth At Large Close (the application deadline has been extended from June 2nd to June 9th)

  • June 5-26: Short Listing Applicants

  • Thursday July 11: Shortlisted Applicants Interviews Community and Public Services Committee

  • Tuesday July 16: Appointments made by City Council

  • September 2019: Orientation


  • City of Edmonton Youth who are between the ages of 13 and 23 [Bylaw 14126] as of September 6

  • Motivation and passion for volunteering, community development and bringing your vision and voice to the City.

  • Played an active role in making a positive difference within your local communities.

  • Capacity for curiosity and wanting to learn

  • Team oriented and willingness to provide feedback and guidance to others.

  • The ability to commit

  • 15 – 20 Hours per month (for monthly Youth Council meetings and subcommittee meetings to perform research, public engagement and other activities)

  • Youth Council meets the first Wednesday of each month, from 5:00 – 8:00 pm at City Hall

  • Individuals under the age of 18 may only participate with the express written consent of their legal guardian (City Policy C575)

Recruitment Profiles

Youth At Large Recruitment Profile (PDF)

Committee Member Recruitment Profile (PDF)


  • Adherence to CEYC's bylaws.

  • Provide leadership, mentor ship and engagement opportunities to all general assembly and subcommittee members.

  • Commitment to the programs and services of CEYC.

  • Help communicate and promote CEYC's mission and programs to the community.

  • Regularly attend meetings and subcommittee meetings.

  • Be prepared and read all documents in advance of the meetings