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Food Waste and Security


The Food Waste and Insecurity team are researching how gaps in Edmonton food security might be filled with food destined for waste. To do this, we are examining redistribution initiatives around the world, interviewing local organizations, and debating how we can best meet the needs of Edmontonians, while reducing waste. 58% of food produced in Canada is lost. This has enormous economic and environmental costs! Our findings and suggestions will be published as an information report for the City Council. Check out the report to your left! Full-Screen Here. We also have an audio recording, and plain text pdf.


Youth Tackling COVID 19 WEBINAR


The City of Edmonton Youth Council successfully hosted an online webinar called Youth Tackling COVID-19! We were joined by Dr. Katharine Magor who spoke on the virus, variants and importance of getting vaccines. Alessandro Marcon who provided tips on how to navigate through this infodemic and fight misinformation, and Alexandra San Diego from Kickstand Alberta, who provided resources and support for those facing mental health challenges during these tough times. There will be an infographic available outlining resources and information highlighted during the event so keep an eye out for those! Click on this link to view the webinar clips!

Crowd with Masks
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This Workforce handles all collaborations between the City of Edmonton Youth Council and Paths For People. We are working on a day of programming for PFP & CEYC members to learn about, and create more vibrant street spaces. Stay tuned for informational posts and pictures from the event on our social media.


Paths For People is also hosting a summer webinar series. The final upcoming webinar will take place on July 20th from 7-8pm on the topic of Saskatchewan Crossing: A Proposal for Pedestrian Mobility Across Garneau. We hope to see you there!



We’ve been hard at work identifying schools and organizations, sending out contact information, and scheduling visits! There have been some barriers with response rates, likely due to the pandemic and the online nature of our presentations, but we’ve been pushing through to reach dedicated schools that are still interested. So far, we have conducted visits at McNally and Jasper Place, and we’re excited to have a couple more coming up soon. If you know of a school or organization that could benefit from a CEYC visit, let us know at !

School Bus



Our team is currently formatting a 3-stage response to the results of the survey to help promote the representation of more youth demographics on our council. The first stage we are planning is centered around creating presentations (similar to the ones from the school visits initiative) catered towards reaching out to the least represented demographics which were found in the analysis of the survey results. The stages that follow this will be focused on: making both the meetings and application processes on CEYC more accessible as well as providing more training resources and guidance for new members so that they can play a larger role on council.




The Environmental Awareness Webinar on Saturday May 29, 2021 from 5:00-7:00PM. The goal of this webinar was to promote awareness regarding environmental issues and inspire youth towards change. Our mission is to empower youth by educating them on sustainable ways of living. We invited speakers who are ambitious and driven towards change. They include Marmik Patel from Plant Forever, Stephen Raitz from Paths for People and Hannah Gelderman, a visual artist. More information regarding Part 2 of our initiative, our Environmental Awareness Web-Series, will be coming in the following days. Stay tuned! 

Environment Activists Protest

Youth Community Involvement Webpage


The Youth Community Involvement Webpage initiative has been completed and is now available for the public to use! We hope that our work is helpful to the youth in Edmonton and makes an impactful difference in their lives through showing them the different opportunities that youth have access to. As always, please feel free to reach out with any other opportunities you come by!

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The policy committee has gathered youth perspectives on community safety to inform the City Council of improvements to law enforcement institutions. Our recommendations to the Community Safety and Wellbeing (CSWB) Taskforce Report #8543 can be found in a publicly available letter to the City Council which is available on the CEYC website. In succeeding months, our objectives include increasing accessibility to our CSWB recommendations through the publication of multiple mediums of communication (e.g. videos, written letters) on multiple online platforms (e.g. social media, non-statutory hearings), meetings with city councillors and to continue gathering engagement from the public. 


To read our response regarding the Community Safety and Wellbeing (CSWB) Taskforce Report #8543:

Safer For All - March 30, 2021 Report




The blog has been continuing to share posts every Saturday. This month, we posted an opinion piece on in-person vs online classes, a guide to making more environmentally sustainable choices, a personal reflection in regards to racial identity and our very first poem! 


As the blog develops, we are looking to appoint deputy editors so that we can grow our capacity while ensuring high quality content. Keep an eye out for applications!


As always, if anyone is interested in contributing to the Blog, whether it be regularly or a one time thing, you are more than welcome! Contact us at

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Clothing Drive


The Clothes For  Our World Initiative is a project aimed to educate youth on fashion's environmental impact while collecting clothes to give to individuals in need. With partnerships all across Edmonton, our goal is to encourage individuals to practice  sustainability via social media and clothing donations to lessen their consumption of fast fashion. Soon, our educational posts on environmental sustainability can be found on CEYC's instagram @edmyouthcouncil!

If you are interested in participating in the Clothes For Our World's clothing drive and want to learn more, check out our webpage where you find more information on where you can donate and more!

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