Youth Tackling COVID 19 WEBINAR


The purpose of this project is to provide youth with the appropriate resources and information to help them navigate through the pandemic via a webinar. We hope that this helps youth manage their physical and mental health, seek and access options for support during current circumstances, and provide them with coping strategies, resources, and the necessary skills to be able to address such challenges in the future.



The School Visits Presentation Initiative aims to spread awareness of the existence of CEYC as a medium for Edmontonian youth to make their voices heard in municipal politics. CEYC hopes to broaden our audience and encourage involvement in our activities. This year, the School Visits Initiative will also show youth that there are still ways to have a voice in the community in this time of crisis.

Food Waste and Security


The Food Waste and Security Initiative seeks to study gaps within Edmonton food distribution that reallocated food waste can fill. Through research and interviewing food security organizations, we will produce an information report for the City Council. Stay tuned on IG @edmyouthcouncil for updates from our team.



The Environmental Awareness Webinars and Web-series initiative aims to inspire youth to make changes in their everyday actions by showing them the consequences of accelerated environmental harm. Our goal is to promote awareness regarding environmental issues, and the impact of individual actions on the environment. By informing and engaging Edmonton youth in small activities throughout our event, our mission is to empower youth by educating them on sustainable ways of living.



The purpose of this initiative is to gather youth perspectives on community safety to inform the City Council of improvements to recommendations surrounding law enforcement institutions through an intersectional lens. All research is informed through community-based findings, statistical data compiled from Canadian contextual examples and cooperation with other City Advisory Committees. Our hope is to mend the relationship between law enforcement institutions and communities, promoting transparent and accountable practices.

Mental Health Opioid Report


The Mental Health/Opioid Report is an ongoing project through the City of Edmonton Youth Council! With the onset of COVID, the youth council decided to reevaluate and put out another survey beyond the one conducted in 2019 to see the effects that COVID has had on Mental Health for youth in Edmonton! We will be bringing our findings to council and seeing how we can adjust our response to the needs found in our continuation survey!



The Paths for People workforce is an initiative dedicated to collaborating with an organization that works towards creating safer, more pedestrian friendly, streets in Edmonton. In alignment with the goals of both CEYC and Paths for People, we work towards making safer streets more accessible to youth. Our projects help empower and educate youth about active transportation in our city, while advocating for better infrastructure and practices.



The Clean Water Initiative is a a multi-term project that’s main focus for this term entails an information report. The report will be comprised of research that illustrates the areas within our city that are dealing with clean water issues, and the concern it has raised about socio-economic inequalities. Upon completion, the report will be presented to the City of Edmonton Council.



The Demographics Report aims to better understand the demographics of Edmonton youth that CEYC currently represents in order to gain an in depth understanding of what perspectives are missing. This initiative is not only integral to further diversify CEYC, but is also important for all youth in Edmonton to be assured that their perspectives and experiences are brought to the table.

scholarships and volunteer opportunities


The Scholarships and Volunteering Opportunities in Edmonton Initiative is to establish a straightforward and accessible website that compiles the different scholarships and volunteering resources that Edmonton youth can access. We hope to increase youth’s awareness of these opportunities while also empowering them to take part in their community!

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