committee members

2019-2020 term councillors

Ahdithya Visweswaran


Ahdithya Rajan P. Visweswaran is a three-term CEYC member, having served as a Youth-At-Large, Youth Councillor and Subcommittee Vice-Chair. As a proud Edmontonian, he is thrilled to have the chance to make an impact on the city that he calls home. Currently, Ahdithya is pursuing a Bachelor of Education at UAlberta’s Campus Saint-Jean. He is an active member of the community, having volunteered with several organizations. Ahdithya is excited to work with his fellow Youth Councillors to allow for Edmonton’s young voices to be heard and valued!

Kasey Enokson


Kasey is currently in her fourth year on council and is excited to take on the role of Vice-Chair for the City of Edmonton Youth Council and to work with such an amazing group of youth! She was born and raised in Edmonton and is proud to call such an amazing city home. Kasey is currently in her third year of Education at the University of Alberta, majoring in English and minoring in Social Studies.

Rajah Maggay

Engagement & Outreach Chair

Entering her 4th year on CEYC, Rajah has been heavily involved with CEYC, especially with the Health and Wellness subcommittee. Throughout her time on CEYC Rajah has planned events (SpotlightYEG & YEGbyYouth), helped relaunch the YEGbyYouth Campaign, served as Vice-Chair of the Health and Wellness subcommittee and assisted with the social media marketing of youth council. Having just completed an internship in Los Angeles at ENTITY Magazine for women in digital media Rajah is ready to bring a fresh take on how CEYC engages with the general youth population as Chair of the Engagement & Outreach subcommittee. Between working in Councillor Knack's office as a Research Advisor, running an online vintage fashion shop on Instagram and volunteering for CEYC, Rajah is completing her Event Management Certificate at NAIT.

Joanne Picard

Committee Member

Joanne is excited to be starting her sixth term on CEYC! In the past, Joanne has held the title of Chair of Social Equity and Vice-Chair of Internal Affairs. This is Joanne's first year studying Political Science at the University of Alberta. In her spare time, she likes to volunteer, drink iced tea and ski for the Canadian Association for Disabled Skiers Team. Joanne is passionate about advocating for inclusion, diversity, and human rights.

Thomas Banks

Committee Member

Thomas Benjamin George Banks III is a five-term City of Edmonton Youth Council councillor, University of Alberta student, and lifelong Edmontonian citizen. In his civil society and government experience, he's advanced strong arguments and leveraged compelling research to inform policy and practice of public authorities. Learn more via

Navneet Chand

Committee Member

With a city like Edmonton, Navneet Chand is proud and honored to be known as an Edmontonian. Navneet is a first-year Bachelor of Science Honours Neuroscience student at the University of Alberta. This is Navneet's second term on the Youth Council and he is excited and energized to take on the 2017-2018 term alongside new and returning council members with Edmontonian youth who are ready to learn how to create and implement change. Taking on the role of an actively involved citizen in society has been one Navneet’s greatest passions. As a strong advocate of interdisciplinary education, he never ceases to involve himself with a diverse presence of groups from student government and his former position of Students' Union President at his high school to his involvement with theatre arts and the recognition he received as the winner of the 2017 Cappies Critics Award for Best Male Vocalist. When it comes to the City of Edmonton Youth Council, Navneet strongly believes that the Council represents the optimal medium for educating and empowering youth to stand up and take action on local issues to generate ideas on meaningful change and to produce amazing and thought-provoking results.

Ricky Liu

Health & Wellness Chair

A proud Edmontonian, Ricky is honoured to be serving on the City of Edmonton Youth Council. Having been a youth-at-large member for three years, and now the Chair of Health and Wellness, Ricky is passionate about inspiring advancements in the field of youth mental and physical health through policy and projects. He seeks to inspire civic engagement among Edmonton’s youth and empower them to strive for positive change.

Grayson Thate

Urban Planning Chair

Grayson Thate is a 21 year old poet, educator, and tap dancer in Edmonton. Grayson believes that the best way to create positive change is through education, which is a belief that guides the work he does within many communities in the City. Serving a term as Edmonton's third Youth Poet Laureate in 2018, Grayson was able to use his poetry as a platform to talk about the sociopolitical climate in Edmonton, and inspire change through his passion for writing. Grayson is excited to continue his work in advocating for youth and inspiring their growth as a City of Edmonton Youth Councillor.

Robyn Taylor

Social Equity Chair

Robyn Taylor moved to Edmonton from the beautiful island of Jamaica in 2009. Since then, she has always made it her goal to be an active member of the community, and to give back wherever she can. Currently, Robyn focuses the majority of her time volunteering with the youth-led organization YEG The Come Up, where she assists with the planning and implementation of various programmings and events dedicated to the empowerment of Edmonton’s diverse African and Caribbean youth communities. An honours student since elementary school, Robyn is also a full International Baccalaureate graduate from Archbishop MacDonald High School. She is about to go into her second year at the University of Alberta, reading for a degree in Biological Sciences with a minor in economics. Whereas Robyn is still deciding between multiple career paths, she is certain that she wants to hold a position that not only provides others with the tools needed for self-sufficiency and happiness, but also personally makes her aware of local and global experiences alike. In her free time, Robyn spends her time reading, cooking, or listening to podcasts.

Amber Sayed

Committee Member

Amber is excited to be starting her second year with CEYC, serving as this year’s Chair of Urban and Regional Planning. She is a first year Science student at the University of Alberta, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Political Science. She has served her community as a volunteer for multiple student organizations and has served and a Youth Leadership Mentor for younger students, as well as worked as the President of both her high school Student Council and chapter of, a mental health awareness charity. Amber has also served on Alberta’s provincial Minister’s Youth Council as a student advisor the the Minister of Education on changes being made to the Alberta curriculum, advocating strongly for better mental health support systems for students in Alberta. This year, she also co-founded a federal, non-partisan youth group in her constituency to provide a platform for discussion and information on important issues affecting the youth in her community. Amber is a firm believer in the collective potential of Edmonton youth and hopes to spend this year helping them make an impact on their city.

Abigail Isaac

Committee Member

Abby is currently in her second year studying at the University of Alberta pursuing a double major in Political Science and Economics, which informs her enthusiasm for civic engagement and activism in all forms. Having the honor of serving her second term as a Councillor on CEYC, she is excited to have the opportunity to continue advocating for all youth to have a seat at the table. Abby is also a passionate violinist, and volunteers with a variety of organizations on campus and across the city, striving for an Edmonton that is accessible and welcoming to all communities.

Shilar Bakayula

Committee Member

Shilar goes to St. Joseph catholic school where she is upgrading for the 2017/2018 school before she goes to post-secondary. She moved to Canada in 2012 and to Edmonton in 2014. She became passionate about community involvement and youth empowerment when she saw problems that were faced by people in her home country were also faced by people here in her community who were mostly youth.

Adama Bundu

Committee Member

Being raised with a deep appreciation of community, Adama is happy to have Edmonton a part of that narrative. She loves to be involved whenever and in whatever capacity available to her. So far Adama has served one term as a Youth-at-Large Member of the City of Edmonton Youth Council (CEYC), where she's immensely grateful for the events, experiences, and opportunities she's been apart of. Specifically being a task force lead for CEYC's first ever Black youth centred event, which is a part of the greater Speaker Series. Adama hopes that with events like the Speaker Series youth from all different backgrounds and experiences are validated and empowered.

Anuj Krishnan

Committee Member

Anuj is grade 10 student studying at Old Scona. This is his second year on council, and his first year as a Committee Member. Serving his second term on the Engagement and Outreach committee Anuj hopes to engage more youth, and broaden Council's appeal. As Council's youngest ever appointee he will use his platform to advocate, provide opportunities, and stand up for youth who are just as young as him.

Fea Gelvezon

Committee Member

Fea is a third year Political Science and Economics student at the University of Alberta. She moved from the Philippines to Edmonton in 2015. Having moved to the city as a youth, Fea has dedicated herself to balancing work, volunteering, and full-time school. Since she moved to Edmonton, Fea has been giving back to the community by volunteering with clubs at the University of Alberta, such as, Helping Hands for Homeless Youths and Campus Unicef. Fea is passionate about youth immigrant issues, especially those pertaining to the accessibility of city resources to immigrant youths. She believes everyone in the city should feel that they belong no matter their origin. Currently, Fea is doing a 16 months internship with the Alberta Justice and Solicitor General Ministry.

Ryan Jacques

Committee Member

Ryan Jacques is a second year computing science student at the University of Alberta. He is an avid curler, playing at the competitive junior level since 2013 and winning two under18 provincial titles, as well as an accomplished piano player, having started at the age of four. Ryan is always looking to give back to the community that raised him, and he volunteers with the City of Edmonton Youth Council because he sees it as an excellent opportunity to foster positive change in Edmonton. Ryan is looking forward to serving as a

Youth Councillor for the 2019-20 term.

Alex Cheung

Committee Member

Alex is an Economics student at the University of Alberta who has called Edmonton home since 2014. As a UofA student, Alex has volunteered with the Gateway as both a writer and photographer and has also volunteered in the community as well. He has volunteered with the Salvation Army and the 7-10 Breakfast Club-- organizations which serve warm meals to those in need free of charge. Alex has also volunteered with the BC Ride to Conquer Cancer since 2011 raising nearly $9,000 since. Outside of the classroom, Alex is an avid photographer and a cyclist who hopes to race his first triathlon next year!

Cherry Chen

Committee Member

Cherry is a student at Edmonton's University of Alberta where she is majoring in French and Spanish. Passionate about languages and culture, she looks forward to graduating in 2021. She has an extensive musical and fine arts background and is an ardent supporter of the flourishing arts scene in the city. Cherry grew up in Edmonton and is familiar with the friendly, creative, and youthful spirit that makes Edmonton what it is. Cherry is also a strong advocate for continuing to reimagine ETS in innovative ways in the spirit of connecting the city's vibrant neighbourhoods and improving access to resources in a way that works for

Edmontonians. She looks forward to applying her own experience as an Edmontonian youth to contribute her ideas, time, and spirit to the City of Edmonton Youth Council. Relating to her studies of language and culture, Cherry hopes to imagine new ways the city can leverage its diversity to continue to innovate and grow.

Nesochi Ihejirika

Committee Member

After bouncing around the world for most of her young life Nesochi has been proud to call Edmonton home for over ten years. Nesochi is a third-year Bachelor of Arts Psychology student at the University of Alberta. She has had the honor of serving on the City of Edmonton Youth Council as a Youth-At-Large member for the past year on the Social Equity Subcommittee. She is actively involved in creating spaces for youth to discuss issues surrounding race, sexuality, gender and politics through initiatives such as Glitter Brunch and Melanin Roots. Though Glitter Brunch began as a solo venture she was able to form an all-female diverse youth committee that now works together to put together each brunch. She is also a self-taught creative director and writer. The bulk of her writing and visuals focus on the unique experiences of black people and the process of how they are

able to come together and address them as a community. Through projects such as Emotions, Resilience in collaboration with PACE and Glitter Brunch she has been able to connect with other people of color and slowly break down knowledge barriers that many minority youths have to deal with in a manner that is respectful and insightful for everyone involved.

Lekhini Bhatt

Committee Member

Lekhini Bhatt is excited to be an Edmontonian and have the opportunity to be a part of one of the youngest cities in Canada. Having served three terms as a Youth-at-Large on the City of Edmonton Youth Council, she feels empowered to advocate for mental and physical wellness of underprivileged youth in the city. As a part of the Health and Wellness Subcommittee, she initiated the Affordable Recreation Passes Project and the Mental Health Survey and believes in providing youth opportunities to make an impact in municipal

politics. She wants to be an active citizen and gives back to her community through volunteering with iHuman, Campus Food Bank and the War Child Chapter. She is passionate about ensuring that youth feel comfortable speaking about their struggles and are supported by their community. She is ambitious about being a part of a community where everyone can express their identity without fear of judgement. She is in her fourth year of a Bachelor of Sciences at the University of Alberta specializing in Immunology and Infection

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