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Independent Bookstores

Written by: Bayan Shayeb | Edited by: Julianna Galiano

Independent Bookstores in Edmonton

For most of my life, I thought Edmonton had nothing to offer. It was only until I got older and I was able to discover hidden parts of the city that I realized how wrong I was. My attitude changed largely due to my discovery of all the beautiful independent bookstores of Edmonton. It may sound silly, but these bookstores helped me fall in love with the city I lived in my whole life.

  • Wee Book Inn

the Wee Book Inn has distinguished itself from other independent bookstores in Edmonton for not only its massive selection (and adorable cats) plus its two locations on Whyte Avenue and Jasper Avenue. Despite being a bookstore, you can find comics, collectibles, and DVDs. While shopping, you may be visited by Fleur or Saku, both of the book store’s cats, however they prefer to not be touched. One of the Wee Book Inn’s other defining qualities is its environment; both locations are found in beautiful parts of the city that are definitely worth exploring. To browse books (and cats), visit the Wee Book Inn’s website:

  • Glass Bookshop

Located in downtown Edmonton, The Glass Bookshop, while being quite small, plays a large role in Edmontonian culture. They sell books from local authors and publishers, and dedicate sections of their website to highlight Black and Indigenous authors. They offer a huge selection of merchandise that truly does not disappoint and they also offer free shipping across Edmonton, St. Albert, and Sherwood Park. Even just walking around the store is an experience in itself; the vibrant book colours against the white walls give the Glass Bookshop a very distinct look. They host multiple community outreach events in store, like book launches from local authors, book club meetings, and workshops. They also further support local authors by hosting them on their podcast, “Glass Bookshop Radio''.

Explore Edmonton’s Glass Bookshop more on their website:

  • Audreys Books

Audrey’s Books, also located on Jasper Avenue, is currently Edmonton’s oldest independent bookstore. Every year they often host over 50 readings and other events in the lower level of the shop. If you plan on shopping here regularly, you might want to join the Audrey’s Book Club for only $10 to receive extra benefits and perks. Audrey’s Books has been run by a husband and wife, and their daughter since the late 80’s. Their prices consistently compete with those of major chains, and they even have a section in their store dedicated only to books with lowered prices.

For more information on this store and any future events, here’s their website:

  • Daisy Chain Book Co.

Uniquely, Daisy Chain started out as a book truck; they drove from community to community to reach people and change the way they bought books. To reach more people, the owners of Daisy Chain opened a permanent location on 102 Avenue. They currently host 5 monthly book clubs and even run a petal club, which sends its members books and items from other local businesses monthly for 6 months. Daisy Chain also sells book themed candles,buttons, and other trinkets. Another of Daisy Chain’s defining features is its podcast “The Bookshop Chronicles”, which has listeners all around the world; this bookstore has created an overall very welcoming environment for new and seasoned readers alike.

Visit their website for more information:

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