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What Black History Month Means to Me

Written By : Grace Mfou Eboa | Edited by : Bayan Shayeb

As we all know February is Black History Month. We hear it in the media, amongst our friends and family members, and even at work. But what does BHM mean to Canadians?

According to the Government of Canada website: “In December 1995, the House of Commons officially recognized February as Black History Month in Canada following a motion introduced by Dr. Augustine. The House of Commons carried the motion unanimously … The adoption of this motion completed Canada’s parliamentary position on Black History Month.’’ This month has long been observed as a national celebration of Black people, culture, and art and their contributions to Canadian history. However, their achievements were not without struggle. Black Resistance is BHM's theme this year, which is meant to raise awareness of the ongoing oppression of Black people in this nation. Recognizing these difficulties enables one to avoid repeating them in the future. This will allow us to emphasize the tenacity and fortitude exhibited by this group because embracing Canadian history means embracing Black History.

As a member of Alberta's Afro-Canadian community, I always look forward to Black History Month. The month offers something for everyone in terms of festivities, teachings, and more. To me, BHM means to be recognised by society. But Black History is not limited to February. We don't stop struggling after the month has been completed, the work we must do is year-round. That is why Black history is timeless in my eyes. Always has been, and always will be.

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