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General Assembly meetings happen on the first Wednesday of every month!

They take place over a virtual platform from 5:30 - 8:00 p.m.

For information on our subcommittee meetings send us a message or email us at





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The City of Edmonton Youth Council is excited to roll out a new monthly newsletter filled with details about our members, their initiatives, and our plans for the future. This 1st edition is subject to change and revision.
Our New Chairship

Ricky is Chair of CEYC for the 2020-2021 term. This is his fifth year on the CEYC, after serving as a YAL, VCM and most recently, Chair of Health and Wellness. This term, he is looking to increase CEYC’s outreach to historically under-represented demographics and to empower all of CEYC’s members to take action to address the major social issues facing youth and our world. He looks forward to the various initiatives and projects planned for this year!

Anuj Krishnan is Vice-Chair of CEYC for the 2020-2021 term. This is his third year on the CEYC, having served as a YAL, and most recently the Vice-Chair of the Engagement and Outreach rapidly growing the school visits initiative. At 16, Anuj is the youngest Vice-Chair in CEYC history and up until this year was the youngest ever appointed member. He is excited about empowering youth to become leaders in their own right and is taking steps to ensure CEYC forms sustainable external partnerships. If you see something from our account on Twitter, know it was him!

Executive News
Statement on the Rise of Racism, and Discrimination and Violence in Edmonton

On March 14, 2021, CEYC released a statement addressing the increase in racially motivated attacks and dangerous rhetoric. We recognize that diversity increases the social capital of Edmonton as a valuable place to live, learn and work. CEYC condemns acts of racism and violence that endanger our collective safety. 

Social Media Relaunch

We are back on social media! After a year-long hiatus, we are back, stronger than ever on Instagram, Twitter and soon Facebook. Check out the relaunch and share our account, and let us know what stories you want to see. If you have any content or events you would like us to advertise let us know and we would be more than glad to help. 

General Assembly Meetings

Our last General Assembly meeting was on March 3, 2021, from 5:30 to 8:00 pm over Google Meet. The committee passed six new exciting initiatives including everything from policy responses, to environmental webinars, and school engagement programs. Click below to view the March agenda and minutes. Our next General Assembly meeting is April 7th, from 5:30 to 8:00 pm. 

Subcommittee Initiatives
Community Safety and Well Being Response

This initiative aims to inform City Council of improvements to recommendations surrounding law enforcement institutions through an intersectional lens.  Our hope is to mend the relationship between law enforcement institutions and communities, promoting transparent and accountable practices.

Youth Tackling COVID-19 Webinar

This initiative aims to provide youth with the resources and information to help them navigate the pandemic via a webinar. We hope to help youth manage their physical and mental health, seek and access options for support during current circumstances, and provide them with coping strategies, resources.

Blog Relaunch
Food Waste and

This initiative aims to study gaps within Edmonton food distribution that reallocated food waste can fill. Through research and interviewing food security organizations such as Multicultural Health Brokers and collecting data from institutions such as the University of Alberta, we will produce an information report for City Council. 

Environmental Awareness Webinar

This initiative aims to inspire youth to make changes in their everyday actions by showing them the consequences of accelerated environmental harm. By informing and engaging Edmonton youth in small activities throughout our event, our mission is to empower youth by educating them on sustainable ways of living.

School Visits Presentations

This initiative aims to inspire youth to make changes in their everyday actions by showing them the consequences of accelerated environmental harm. By informing and engaging Edmonton youth in small activities throughout our event, our mission is to empower youth by educating them on sustainable ways of living.

City of Edmonton News

The new bus network is an important step in modernizing Edmonton’s transit system in preparation for growing our city to two million people. To get ready for this change, several online resources and trip planners are available. April 25th here we come!

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Thank you for taking the time to read the 1st edition of our new monthly newsletter. We are proud of what we have already achieved and are excited for what will come next. Edmonton's youth are invaluable, and we will continue to provide them with platforms and initiatives to empower their voices and ideas. If you or your organization are interested in collaborating or forming a partnership, let us know!

Our Blog is back we are ready to get started, showcasing the best of what Edmonton’s youth has to offer. In the following days, Sithara Naidoo, the lead for the CEYC Blog Initiative, and Anwi Patel, will be introducing new content and faces, so make sure to keep a look out!

Have Your Say on Youth Vaping in Edmonton by Filling Out Our Survey
Mar 15, 2020

This report will be used to describe and present the rising issues within youth vaping in Edmonton. Please try and answer this survey to the best of your ability! This survey is strictly confidential and is only used for the sole purpose of gathering information to present to the Edmonton City Council. 

Survey Link:

Future of Edmonton Essay Contest featured in CBC Article
Apr 30, 2019

'We want to get Edmonton youth thinking forward'

CBC article on the Future of Edmonton Essay Contest, how it connects to the City of Edmonton 2050 vision and gets perspectives from youth on the city that they want to live in.

CEYC's stance on the lowering of youth minimum wage
May 31, 2019

Opinion article featured in the Edmonton Journal on where the youth council stands on the lowering of youth minimum wage in Alberta.

Liquor Consumption in Public Parks
Jan 01, 2020

"Youth council wants Edmonton to end liquor ban at picnic sites"

CBC article on the youth council's recommendation to urge the city to allow Edmontonians to consume liquor in public park spaces

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