The City of Edmonton Youth Council (CEYC) is an advisory committee to City Council made up of youth between the ages of 13-23. We contribute to building a society of active and engaged citizens by creating opportunities to connect youth with the civic order of governance, local organizations, and each other.



Educate and empower youth to provide meaningful input and to take action on local issues and municipal politics.


1. Mobilize youth on local issues through community, events, and projects.

3. Provide opportunities for meaningful participation in Edmonton’s local government.

2. Empower youth through education, skill-building, and experience to be active citizens.


The Committee’s mandate is to provide information and advice to City Council in relation to issues involving or affecting youth, and performs the following functions:

(a) researches and writes policy proposals for Council’s review;
(b) co-ordinates community events that profile local youth issues;
(c) receives direction from Council on work or reports it requires on youth matters;
(d) develops and maintains relationships with individuals and organizations addressing issues of concern to youth;
(e) promotes initiatives to support the well-being of youth;
(f) educates youth on City governance, procedures and policy-making;
(g) provides networking opportunities for youth;
(h) consults with City administration and other organizations supporting youth initiatives;
(i) establishes the General Assembly, maintain the registry of individuals participating in the General Assembly, and oversee its meetings;
(j) if requested by Council, recommends individuals for appointment to the City’s civic agencies; and
(k) informs Council of initiatives of other levels of government that could affect youth and advocates for the City in the manner directed by Council if Council directs.


The General Assembly (GA) consists of up to 20 volunteer Youth Councillors appointed by City Council for one-year terms, as well as any youth that wishes to join. One City Councillor will be appointed by Council to act as an advisor liaison. 


Five subcommittees—each chaired by a Youth Councillor—perform research, public engagement, and other activities to assist the Committee in fulfilling its mandate. Subcommittees are comprised of both Youth Councillors and Youth Councillor-appointed "Youth-At-Large" members who serve one-year terms. In addition, youth wishing to join CEYC at any point during the term may do so as project-specific subcommittee members.  

GA meetings occur the first Wednesday of every month from 5:30–8:00PM in City Hall's Heritage Room. Subcommittee meetings are variable but generally occur every two weeks at the University of Alberta.

CEYC is governed by City Policy C575B. Agencies, boards, committees, and commissions are each governed by an establishing document. To maintain consistency, City Council has approved basic standards regarding establishment, reporting, appointment and recruitment, as well as Ethical Guidelines, which can be viewed below. 


Ethical Guidelines

City Policy C575B

City of Edmonton Youth Council's Bylaw