The CEYC Health & Wellness subcommittee in conjunction with the University of Alberta is conducting a study on the physical, mental, and dietary habits of Edmonton youth. Our subcommittee’s concern is that poor emotional health may be preventing youth from getting active. We need your feedback to provide momentum on creating initiatives for improving youth health here in our city. If you are between the ages of 13-18 we strongly encourage you to complete the following survey. 

 As you may be aware, youth obesity and overall health is a growing concern in this day and age, especially in Northern cities like Edmonton. World Health Organization (WHO) recommends teenagers get at least 1 hour of exercise every day. The CEYC in conjunction with University of Alberta have developed this project to study the Physical Health, Mental Health, and Dietary Habits in Edmonton’s adolescents. We plan to use the information we gather to make suggestions for improving health among Edmonton youth. This may include bringing issues forward to City Council and advocating on your behalf.

There is little risk in being involved in this study as we will not be able to track whom the participants are. All information will be anonymous.

Participation is voluntary which means you do not have to fill out the survey and you can stop the survey at any time if you no longer wish to participate. Once you have finished the survey there is no way to retract your data as we will not be sure who completed the survey and which answers are yours.

Some of the questions are sensitive in nature so we ask that you fill out the study in a private and quiet setting.

Link to Survey: Adolescent physical activity, dietary intake, and mental health in Edmonton