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Too Soon For Goodbye A Poem By: Ishrat Chahal

Giovanni Rios Castro's 'Goodbye I Left'. Paint on Canvas, 2018.

I don’t even know if it hit me at all;

how instead of striking me like lightning,

it slowly percolated through the diaphanous tissues

of my perfectly-pale blue sky.

It seems like the most plausible explanation,

because how else did I not notice

The sudden decline in digits?

How the neatly-organized pockets in my brain were being torn apart, one by one?

Or how, all of a sudden, I was left a child in the world of ruthless giants?

I gripped so tightly to myself that my knuckles must’ve turned snow-white

I thrashed.

I pleaded.

I wept.

But it was merciless

just as it had come,

it slowly emptied me of myself,

deprived me of my innocence,

extracted my very soul; left a phantom scar where I had once thrived,

and returned back to the sky

savouring greedily all of me it took with it.

Give it back, I wanted to yell,

I can’t live without what you’ve taken away.

Now the sky hangs over me, torn and bloody;


tantalizing —

The only remembrance;

a scar of a life long gone.

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