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Meet CEYC's Blog Team for the 2021-2022 Term!

By Sanaa Bhaidani and Sithara Naidoo

Sithara Naidoo (she/her) Hi! My name is Sithara and I am a second year student at the University of Alberta, Campus Saint-Jean. I am pursuing a major in political science and a minor in history. I am a very avid reader and a passionate writer with a variety of semi-pursued hobbies. Currently, I am trying to learn new recipes in the kitchen, specifically bread-related. My favourite dishes to make are pasta and pies. I am active in the student governance environment as well in a handful of local initiatives through organizations like Parity YEG and YWCA Edmonton. This is my second year at CEYC as a YAL and as the Blog Initiative lead. It has been very fulfilling and a privilege to work with so many talented young individuals. I have always been very inclined to writing and at the Blog, I hope to share this passion with other CEYC members as well as Edmontonians. You can connect with me on Twitter and on LinkedIn!

Thomas Wu (he/him)

I am a grade 11 student at Old Scona! Some of my hobbies include speedcubing, music, reading and playing/following sports (notably soccer and hockey - although I don't play hockey unfortunately). A cool fact about me is that I can solve a Rubik's Cube in around 25 seconds (personal best is 22).

I am a YAL and this is my first year on CEYC! I am a part of the internal subcommittee and blog initiative. I first heard about CEYC from my friends who had already served on CEYC. I have heard nothing but good things, and in my quest to find a way to be more active and aware in the community, it was a match made in heaven. I've always been super interested in writing about the world around me, so it only made sense to join the blog initiative. I'm very excited to get started this year! Can't wait to get writing!

Sanaa Bhaidani (she/her)

Hi! My name is Sanaa and I am a high school senior pursuing a Full IB diploma at Old Scona Academic. I enjoy serving on a variety of in-school and community councils in hopes of fostering inclusive and diverse groups. I have always participated in a variety of sports including soccer, basketball and Taekwondo, and I tend to spend a lot of my time in the kitchen experimenting with a variety of cuisines. Photography is a hobby I hope to pursue in the future, capturing both memories and the little details of the world that surrounds us.

This is my second year on CEYC as a YAL; last term I served on the Projects subcommittee and this term I joined Internal to pursue initiatives such as the Blog. Being part of CEYC has been an unparalleled experience, presenting many opportunities for growth and discovery. It has been a privilege to work alongside many youth in our city, and through the Blog and writing, I hope to continue learning more about CEYC, Edmonton, and the people that make up the two. You can connect with me on Instagram and LinkedIn!

Elyse Wong (she/her)

Hi! I'm Elyse and I am currently a grade 11 student at Harry Ainlay High School in the IB program. I love all things pertaining to books, movies, music and art (if a pretentious pseudo-intellectual would enjoy it, I certainly would too) and would sell my soul for unlimited knowledge because I learned nothing from Faust. My favourite activity is picking up random skills and obsessing over them before losing interest and picking a new hobby. Another thing I thoroughly enjoy is playing TikTok book bingo in the middle of the night which consists of creating a bingo board with phrases and things you think will happen in the book then reading the book and checking off as many things as you can off your bingo board (I did this with 18 books in December — I wish I was joking).

This is my first year on CEYC and I am a YAL. I am currently only a part of the Blog initiative and decided to join CEYC to be more involved in youth advocacy. I joined the blog team because I thoroughly enjoy writing essays and I hope to do some commentary or personal essays in the future!

Julianna Galiano (she/her)

I attend Archbishop MacDonald High School and I am set to graduate in 2024! My interests and hobbies include reading, playing sports, and learning new stuff. I love learning languages and I am currently learning French!

I am a YAL at CEYC, and have been for a little under a year! I have worked on the Projects committee, but this year I decided to work with Internal. I decided to join CEYC to really get involved with what is happening within my city and see some ideas from my age group actually play out. I joined the Blog initiative as I love to write and I feel like I have lots to say! I just love to spread love and happiness, and I hope through my blog posts I can somewhat do just that! You can connect with me on LinkedIn!

Bayan Shayeb (she/her)

Hi, my name is Bayan. I am currently a grade 10 student at Old Scona Academic and I love to read and crochet. I also enjoy making art and watching rom-coms!

I am currently a YAL and it's my first year on CEYC. I'm part of the Internal subcommittee and I decided to join the Blog initiative because it seemed like a great opportunity to write what I'm passionate about and make my voice heard. You can connect with me on Instagram!

Alex Dudek (he/him)

I am a grade 9 student at St. Rose Junior High School and a part of the AP program. In the future, I hope to pursue a profession in the medical field helping others. Being the co-founder of the “Pi Club” at my school, I am passionate about the subject of mathematics, and regularly take part in Math Competitions at many different levels. In my free time, I love doing a variety of sports, reading, learning about STEM related concepts and being with my friends. I also go to Polish school on Saturdays! An interesting fact about me is that I can speak Polish, and am also obsessed with the Rubik’s Cube.

This is my first year serving as a Youth-At-Large member. I am currently part of the Internal Subcommittee and the Blog initiative. For as long as I can remember, I have had a great interest towards writing. Therefore, I strongly believe that being a member of the Blog Team would allow me to further share my literature with others, and provide me with an excellent opportunity to develop my writing skills, explore topics that resonate with me, and inspire others. Through CEYC, I hope I can contribute to the wellbeing of my society, and leave a positive, lasting mark on the city that I call home.

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