Health & Wellness


We at Health & Wellness are idea people. We collaborate to generate the best initiatives to change how youth see and are impacted by mental and physical issues. We intend to achieve city wide developments; prepare to see a stronger, happier, and healthier city. Idea people love to learn new things. Join our growing subcommittee today and help us promote health & wellness!

2016-2017 Members

VIvian Mak (Chair), Jainish Mehta, Noella Chu, Ravina Anand, Navneet Chand, Kasey Enokson, Alex MacRae-Korobkov, Brianna Abboud, Feodor Poukhovski-Sheremetyev, Ashley Whiteman, Tristan Sinnatamby, Alina Fatima, Rajah Maggay, Arnold Gihozo, Jason Tran, Lekhini Bhatt, Ricky Liu.    

Meeting Schedule 

Meetings will be held every second Friday beginning October 28 from 5:00-7:00 pm in ECHA at the University of Alberta. Please contact us if you would like to confirm an upcoming meeting time and location. 

Current Term Minutes

Meeting DateMinutes
October 16 Minutes
October 28 Minutes
November 11 Minutes
November 26 Minutes
December 9 Minutes
December 16 Minutes
December 23 Minutes
January 6 Minutes
January 13 Minutes
January 27 Minutes
February 10 Minutes
February 17 Minutes
March 10 Minutes
March 19 Minutes
March 24 Minutes
April 7 Minutes
April 28 Minutes
May 12 Minutes

Past Term Minutes

Click here for minutes from past terms.