Engagement & Outreach


The Engagement and Outreach Subcommittee seeks to give Edmonton youth an opportunity to not only become more involved with the CEYC and City Council, but politics and youth issues as a whole. The primary vision is to see a community where youth are not afraid to take a stand- through thoughtful policy recommendation, events and initiatives, the Engagement Subcommittee strives to construct and foster the growth of a strong, diverse youth voice within Edmonton.

2016-2017 Members

Saba Al Hammouri (Chair), Thomas Banks, Armaan Somani, Brianna Abboud, Mary Jiang, Sara Visram, Shuaa Rizvi, Michelle Truong, Ghalia Aamer, Seamus Rudden, Hania Aamer, Cindy Yan, Cory Sellar.

Meeting Schedule 

Meetings will be held every second Sunday from 1:00-3:00 pm in ECHA at the University of Alberta. Please contact us if you would like to confirm an upcoming meeting time and location. 

Current Term Minutes

Meeting DateMinutes
October 16 Minutes
October 23 Minutes
November 6 Minutes
November 20 Minutes
December 4 Minutes
February 19 Minutes
March 19 Minutes

Past Term Minutes

Click here for minutes from past terms.