Engagement & Outreach

Engagement 2017-18


To build a diverse and vibrant Edmonton in which all youth voices are uplifted, celebrated, and empowered; an Edmonton that reflects the hope of tomorrow.

2018-2019 Members

Sam Goertz (CHAIR),Ahdithya Viseweswaran (Vice Chair), Rajah Maggay, Robyn Taylor, Abigail Isaac, Thomas Banks, Navneet Chand, Anuj Krishnan, Davey LI, Harveen, Mandy, Manujitha, Mitchell, Ryan, Timothy, Gauri, Seth Brown-Cardinal

Meeting Schedule 

Saturday, Jan 5th is our first meeting of 2019. 2:00 - 4:00 PM. Bi-weekly from there onwards.

2018-2019 Minutes

Meeting DateMinutes
October 13 Minutes
October 27 Minutes
November 10 Minutes
November 24 Minutes
December 8 Minutes

Past Term Minutes

Click here for minutes from past terms.

Past Members

Saba Al Hammouri (Chair), Thomas Banks, Armaan Somani, Brianna Abboud, Mary Jiang, Sara Visram, Shuaa Rizvi, Michelle Truong, Ghalia Aamer, Seamus Rudden, Hania Aamer, Cindy Yan, Cory Sellar.