SpotlightYEG is an event exhibiting art pieces to promote mental health and/or stigma reduction. This will be through musical performances, poetry readings, fine arts, films, dramatic arts, all made by local youth artists, ages 13-23, to inspire those dealing with similar issues. We are encaging youth to use their voice, tell their story and share their art while promoting positive mental heath conversations. Stations on how to use forms of art as coping mechanisms will also be featured. We cannot wait for you to join us on May 11 at City Hall.

DownTown Bike Lane Tour

We want to Bring Edmontonian youth downtown to experience our new bike lanes in a safe, inviting, guided event to improve alternative transit usage, and increase youth participation in the downtown area overall.  We believe we need to actively promote usage of bike lanes in the downtown core by bringing youth directly to these spaces in an event-style experience. This will improve the usage of street-level spaces in the downtown core by making youth familiar and comfortable with bike lanes as a means to reach their intended destinations in the heart of the city. 


To encourage affordable and healthy eating for youth in their daily lives, we are facilitating Newtrition which encourages youth to submit healthy recipes/photos to social media to share with other youth.  This will aim to encourage youth in engage in healthy nutritional conversations and we will create a special cookbook at the end of project.

Youth Awards

This project aims to encourage and empower youth in Edmonton by rewarding and recognizing community involvement in the areas of arts and culture, community service and sports. The City of Edmonton Youth Council Awards are a way to celebrate youth contributions and achievements in the City of Edmonton. 

Building Bridges

The Social Equity Sub-Committee consulted with the community, and worked with them, to create a toolkit to educate citizens and promote diversity and inclusion.

Noticing the vast amount of marginalization and isolation in the current society, the social equity subcommittee makes it a primary focus to overcome these gaps. We have established a “toolkit” to share with citizens will assist in educating and  overcoming assumptions in society.

YegTalks Sustainability of Tomorrow

To enhance conversations about  youth perspectives on tackling climate change and sustainability through active engagement, interactive workshops and speaker session events. Pecha Kucha style event on various topics related to climate change by Edmonton Youth.

GO Edmonton

GO Edmonton is a CEYC campaign that aims to engage Edmontonians on creating better walking and biking environments.





Youth Vote Post Mortem- Analysis of Municipal Election

This project will delve into the youth vote  from the 2017 municipal election in addition to the 2013 municipal election for comparison. The purpose of this project is to determine what turnout was like among youth voters across wards, life stages, employment statuses, and any other demographics that are available and relevant. Compiling this information, we seek to determine what the youth vote was like in 2017, what may have held it back, and most importantly, how we can increase it in the future. This will grow the conversation around issues facing young people today in addition to the long-term planning of our City.




Ticket to Ride

A CEYC social mixer and fundraiser, Ticket to Ride needs your support to bring transit into the hands of at-risk-youth! 



Spirit of Christmas Pancake Breakfast and Shoebox Campaign

CEYC is partnering with Debra Kasowski, Lexus of Edmonton, and other community groups to bring the Spirit of Christmas to underprivileged local youth.

What Moves Youth Transit Survey and Report

CEYC's Urban Planning Subcommittee has created a 5 minute survey for youth ages 13-24 to offer their input on the future of the Edmonton Transit System, with results brought to Edmonton City Council!


Affordable Recreation Pass Survey and Report

CEYC's Health & Wellness Subcommittee is collecting information on how youth feel about the affordability of facility passes at recreation centres in Edmonton.



Come join CEYC's Health & Wellness Subcommittee for a morning of yoga in Churchill Square, followed by a keynote address from #MakeItAwkward campaign co-founder Jesse Lipscombe!


Medically Supervised Injection Services

CEYC members have voted to publicly support the implementation of medically supervised injection services in Edmonton, and released a memo to City Council.


Step Up YEG

CEYC's Health and Wellness Subcommittee have revamped the University of Alberta Transit Station staircase to promote mental and physical health.

Ongoing Initiatives



CEYC presents: #YEGbyYouth, a growing collection of stories from youth around our city. 

Initiative created during the 2015-2016 term.



CEYC continues to advocate for an amendment to the Local Authorities Election Act to allow persons to vote at age 16 in municipal elections. 

Proposal originated during the 2015-16 term.


Youth Poet Laureate

Meet Nasra Adem, Edmonton's second Youth Poet Laureate.

Position created during the 2014-15 term.