The #MeToo and #TimeIsUp movements inspired youth in Edmonton to post messages of solidarity all over social media. Now, the City of Edmonton Youth Council and Women's Initiative Edmonton believe it’s time to bring these brazen leaders away from the keyboard and on to the stage for International Women’s Day.

City of Edmonton Youth Council's first Illuminate was a speaking event open to women and non-binary people to speak about their experiences with gender discrimination, violence or inequality in their personal or professional lives, as well as their experiences surrounding gender and identity. Presenters were as follows:

Asmaa Ali: (She/Her) Age 20
Natasha Wurtz: (She/Her) Age 20
Mak Miller: (They/Them) Age 17
Simran Dhillon: (She/Her) Age 17
Mika Burns: (She/Her) Age 20
Shay Lewis: (She/Her) Age 21
Michelle Behr: (They/Them) Age 21
Nesochi Ihejirika: (She/Her) Age 18
Rebeca Muñoz-Ortiz: (She/Her) Age 17
Astha Burande: (She/Her) Age 18