SpotlightYEG Event

Our Health and Wellness subcommittee is hosting SpotlightYEG on Friday, May 11th from 6:00 pm-8:00 pm at Edmonton City Hall. This event exhibits art pieces to promote mental health and stigma reduction. The art could be facilitated through musical performances, dance, poetry readings, fine arts, films, dramatic arts.

With this project we are encouraging young citizens of Edmonton to contribute art expressing their sentiments about mental health. The goal of the event is collectively to bring young people together to show support, solidarity and the impact of art.

We are in the process of looking for local youth artists (aged 13-23) to showcase their art form. We kindly ask you to please share this message with your networks, specifically youth looking to showcase their art form, and interested in participating in this event.

Here is the link to collaborate and sign up as a youth artist:

Here is the promotion link to attend:

We hope as many youth are able to attend and we can't wait to see you.

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