Welcome from the CEYC Chair

Hello and welcome! My name is Marina Banister and I am the 2015-2016 Chair of the City of Edmonton Youth Council.

Youth Council is a body of appointed young Edmontonians aged 13-23 who advocate on behalf of the youth perspective. Our mandate is to recommend policy youth care about to City Council, and we also put on many great events each year. Most of our work gets done through our sub committees which are struck every year depending on the interested of the YC members. Our Council meets on the first Wednesday of every month in the Heritage a Room in City Hall, and all Edmontonians aged 13-23 are welcome to attend our meetings.

Our team is filled with 20 dedicated young Edmontinians who are determined to be change agents.  Maybe you have seen the impactful documentary “Through Our Eyes”, kept up with our advocacy efforts on Bill 10, or followed the story regarding food sustainability at City Council in years past. This year we intend to build on that momentum and continue to stand up for issues that youth care about.

Edmonton is an amazing City to live in for young people, however sometimes it can be hard to find the right micro-community to be a part of. CEYC wants to help you feel connected to the Edmonton community and like you have a place to voice your opinion about your city. For lots of youth, September signals the start of a new year. Our hope at CEYC is this is a year of safety, opportunity, strong mental health, and fun for all young Edmontonians.

If you have any questions, would ever like to chat, discuss youth issues, or how you think CEYC can help improve the lives of young people in Edmonton, please contact us at youthcouncil@edmonton.ca. You can also stay up to date on what CEYC is doing by following us on Twitter @EdmYouthCouncil and liking us on Facebook at City of a Edmonton Youth Council. 

Plain and simple, CEYC is a group that cares about making Edmonton the best it can be, and we know there are a lot of young people in this city that share that passion. We are young, but our voice is important and CEYC wants to make sure it is heard. Because ultimately, youth are not just the leaders of tomorrow, we are also the leaders of today.

Here is to a great year!

Marina Banister

Chair City of Edmonton Youth Council