Why social justice matters

Why social justice matters - from Social Equity Subcommittee member Inna Morgan

Social justice is defined as “justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society.” Too often, however, social justice is left out, in favour of ‘equal opportunity’ that is supposed to be available to people in countries like Canada and United States. More often than not, however, in practice, equal opportunity becomes ‘equal opportunity to be unequal.’ Social justice matters, and most importantly, it matters to youth - the people who hold the tools that will build the world in the coming decades.

Youth, who strongly believe that having everyone feel comfortable in his or her environment is important. Youth, who try to create accepting and safe spaces for people to express themselves, to develop and to grow. Youth, who recognize institutionalized injustice, and feel a deep sense of duty to right the wrongs. Youth, who have access to millions of bytes of information at their fingertips; youth, who are well prepared to fight ignorance with tact, fact and empathy. Youth, who default to respect for all people, regardless of race, gender, and political inclinations. Youth, who don’t chuckle at the idea of following their dreams, but believe in their ability to succeed.

That is why having the voice of youth present in municipal and national affairs is so important. I am proud that the City of Edmonton Youth Council has created a sub-committee on Social equity – a nod to optimism, positive change and energy – the ingredients for making a better tomorrow. 

Inna Morgan- Member of Social Equity Subcommittee