CEYC started a dialogue surrounding lowering the municipal election voting age to 16. CEYC argued that since 16- and 17-year-olds use city roads, facilities and transportation, they should have a greater say in shaping their city by being able to cast a ballot. Youth can be emancipated, living on their own, paying property taxes; they can be in the army reserves; they can be a parent; yet they’re not old enough to vote. CEYC views that 16- and 17-year-olds are ready for this change and that youth want to vote. Changing the municipal voting age in the Local Authorities Elections Act would also automatically change the school trustee voting age. It would give a great opportunity to school trustee candidates to have in their platforms issues catered to students. It could also greatly benefit students who would be given a voice in deciding who directs the system they are currently in. This will ultimately allow school boards to do their jobs more effectively. The next steps in this process will be to gather letters from other levels of government, and work with community groups to ask the provincial government to lower the municipal voting age. The motion will go forward to City Council when the research and consultation has been completed.


January 5, 2017: Update from former CEYC Chair Marina Banister (Facebook).


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Cameron Somervllle speaks to CBC News about the issue (photo courtesy of CBC).

Cameron Somervllle speaks to CBC News about the issue (photo courtesy of CBC).