YEGYouth Mental Health Panel Discussion

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Event date: May 31, 2016 at City Hall

CEYC believes that mental health is an important issue that affects Edmontonian youth. Through this diverse panel discussion between youth mental health experts, the extent to which this issue is pertinent to the City of Edmonton, on both the community level and governance level, will be explored. We hope to identify any important influences, both positive and negative, on youth mental wellbeing; examples may be the influence of any school-provided supports, the influence of poverty, the role of the health care system, or how any programs offered in Edmonton may influence this issue. The discussion will be recorded and key points from the discussion will inform a report to City Council that will outline the issue and, if appropriate, recommend any courses of action that the City of Edmonton may consider taking to address the issue. It is our hope that this discussion will provide us insight into how the City of Edmonton can better address the issue of youth mental health, and where services and barriers to support exist for youth in Edmonton. Ultimately, our mission is to narrow our focus to key areas of support for youth mental wellbeing, to educate the City of Edmonton on the issue of youth mental wellbeing, and to report any important findings or recommendations regarding this issue to Edmonton’s City Council.

There will be a public question period at the end of the event, where members of the audience will be encouraged to engage with the panellists to address specific questions and discuss issues.


This event was an excellent success with discussion surrounding youth mental health at the YEGYouth Mental Health Panel Discussion. Many thanks to our remarkable panelists, Thomas Holmes, Linh Lu, Rebeccah Marsh, Margo Jackson, Tracy Johnson, Gina Chan and our moderator, Glynnis Lieb.

Thanks to Mayor Don Iveson for opening remarks for highlighting the importance of youth mental health tonight. Thank you to City Councillors, Andrew Knack and Scott McKeen for attending the discussion and for their continuous support.

Thank you to the Shadow Minister of Health, Drew Barnes for his speech and Minister Denise Wollard for her attendance.

Discussion surrounded five questions tonight: 
How does youth mental illness relate to poverty?
What do you think has contributed to a perceived spikes in mental illness in youth?
What is a barrier for youth to access mental health services in Edmonton?
In your experience, where do you perceive youth to be falling through the gaps of the current health service system?
What changes would you like to see made for youth struggling with mental health in Edmonton?

Check back for the report we'll be sharing with City Council summarizing discussion from the event.

Mayor Don Iveson with opening remarks for the event.

Mayor Don Iveson with opening remarks for the event.