Event starts June 24, 2015 **this event is no longer running

Inspired by the Canadian Mental Health Association - Ontario, WeWalk is a mental health awareness event created to fight isolation & stigma that surrounds people with mental illness, it helps that long walks lower stress & promote overall wellbeing. Awareness happens when we create an activity space where conversations can happen. Hence our Super-hero themed WeWalks. What's a WeWalk, you ask? If you like walks along the River Valley, sharing stories, and maybe even wearing a cape (or tights or masks; we're inclusive of all superhero attire) this is the event for you! Come on out to Constable Ezio Faraone Park the last Wednesday of every month (starting June 24th, 2015), 5:30-6:30PM, and join CEYC & Canadian Mental Health Association - Edmonton Region (CMHA-ER) on our WeWalk through the River Valley.