Did you know it takes 2500 liters of water to create 1 hamburger? That's two whole months of showers! 

Did you know that just 1.5 acres of land can produce 37000 lbs of plant-based food versus just 375lbs of meat? That's 99x more efficient per pound!

Did you know 51% of greenhouse gas emissions come from animal agriculture? More than all cars, trucks, planes and ships on earth combined?

In an effort to promote environmental sustainability, we're asking City Council to reduce their carbon footprint by only ordering vegetarian or vegan catering. Deciding not to eat meat for just a few days per month is an easy way to make a positive ecological impact. 

See our presentation below that outlines some of our research related to the issue:


We interviewed 7 Edmontonian Youth to see why they personally advocate for food sustainability and councils decision to adopt vegan/vegetarian meals at their meetings. View the video below:


June 29, 2015: Our sustainable catering recommendation was passed without debate at the Community Services Committee meeting this morning. We'll present to City Council on July 7!

July 7, 2015: After our presentation to City Council, the council passed a motion to move the debate to the next Council Services Committee meeting.

October 19, 2015: The motion was taken as an information item at the Council Services Committee meeting this morning and subsequently not voted on. Although we are disappointed, we are very grateful City Council took the time to talk about an issue that matters to Edmonton Youth and proud of the work our Sustainability Subcommittee has done.