Battle of the Bands


Event date: May 4, 2013 at Churchill Square

The 2013 Youth Week Battle Of The Bands is being put on by CEYC, 100.3 The Bear, and Axe Music to find Edmonton's top junior and senior high school rock band. The top 8 bands will be selected from our applications. They will then perform on Saturday May 4th outside in Edmonton's downtown core at Churchill Square. Friends, fans and family are highly encouraged to be invited to this event. This is an awesome opportunity to get some exposure and play on a stage in Churchill Square.

First place will receive approximately 20 hours of recording time at Sound Extractor Studios (a $1700 value) to record 2 of their songs. 


For over 15 years, Sound Extractor Studios has been the destination for recording, mixing, and producing music. This makes us one of the longest running recording studios in Edmonton. During that time, we have worked with some of Canada’s most celebrated bands, artists, and producers. Our goal is to help artists and bands realize their visions musically and sonically. It is our passion and expertise! Care and attention to detail are just some of the tools our in-house staff of experienced engineers and producers use to achieve our goal of sonic and musical excellence. Sound Extractor seamlessly blends the best of both vintage and modern equipment and techniques to make your recordings sound great and stand out. We have a wide selection of sought after vintage microphones, preamps and outboard gear to ensure we capture every nuance of a great performance. Our spacious live room featuring twenty foot ceilings inspires creativity, and our luxurious lounge offers a bird's eye view of the live room, as well as all of the comforts of home. Now, with all those details out of the way, let's make some great music and recordings together!

Runner up will receive a professional on site photo shoot with Inverted Design. 


Inverted Design is an Edmonton Creative Studio that is the product of countless hours of hard work, a true passion for design, and an espresso machine. It is the collective effort of a few individuals that are constantly feeding off one another, while all the time trying to create innovative concepts and ideas. At Inverted Design we are re-inventing the expectations of visual communication.

Stop worrying about trying to find the right photographer to showcase your bands image, look and feel. This prize includes a complete on location photo-shoot with Byron Hradoway who has worked been able to work with some of the biggest name bands in music including Metallica, Volbeat & Anthrax. You will not only walk away with the honor of taking 2nd place but you will also have photos of not only your bands but also every band member to use on anything you would like!

Drift Food truck and Fat Franks will be at this all ages event. Security will be on site to ensure that illicit substances are not present on-site and to ensure that everyone enjoys the event.

We would like to thank all of our community partners for coming together to make this possible: from Axe Music and Axe Productions for providing the staging and equipment; to Inverted Design and Sound Extractor providing prizes; and all the folks at 100.3 The Bear and CBC Edmonton for providing on air promotions. We would also like to thank Third Born Entertainment for helping us capture the event by video. There are many other volunteers and people that are bringing this event together and we would like to thank them all!


The event was amazing and we would like to thank our sponsors and organizing committee yet again. Every band was very talented but we had to pick the top two bands to walk away with prizes. Congratulations to DrainBed for winning first prize, and Six Day March for winning second prize! We would like to thank and congratulate every band that participated.

To see footage from the event, watch the video below: